Magnetic particle dynamics

One emphasis of our work is to understand the dynamics of magnetic particles in viscous or viscoelastic fluid in different field configurations. The knowledge of a single particle properties is the key to master more complex systems. We are interested in understanding how parameters of the magnetic field influence the dynamics of the particle. What are the possible regimes? Are these regimes stable? What are the critical parameters? How does the dynamics of an individual particle influence the behavior of bulk materials?

In some situations the obtained knowledge can be expressed as theoretical models which allow us to interpret experiments. For example, describing an experiment with a theoretical model of a single particle gives us the possibility to measure magnetic properties of given particles or the rheological properties of the liquid.

"Back and forth" motion of an uniaxial single domain particle in a rotating magnetic field

Asynchronous rotation of a prolate superparamagnetic particle in a precessing field

Asynchronous rotation of an oblate superparamagnetic particle in a precessing field in asynchronous regime

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