Theoretical Physics and Simulations unit

Associate professor Sandris Lācis, Dr.phys.


Researcher, Assistant professor
Jānis Cīmurs, Dr.phys.


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Researcher Rūdolfs Livanovičs, Dr.phys.


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Researcher Andrejs Tatuļčenkovs, Dr.phys. 


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Researcher Mārtiņš Brics, Dr.rer.nat. 


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Researcher Andris Pāvils Stikuts, Dr.


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Research assistant Bhagyashri Shinde3rd year PhD student

Topic: Investigation of Properties of Ensembles of Viscous Vortices, Advisor: Prof. A.Cēbers

 Jānis Hūns

Topic: Gyroscopic effects of magnetic particles, Advisor: Prof. A.Cēbers

Experimental Physics unit

Assistant professor, Senior Researcher
Ivars Driķis, Dr.phys.


Senior Researcher, Associate professor
Guntars Kitenbergs, Dr.


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Senior Researcher Viesturs Šints, Dr.phys.


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Researcher Artis Brasovs, Doctoral degree candidate


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Researcher Mihails Birjukovs, Dr.phys.

Topic:  Modern image processing methods in magnetic soft matter problems

Researcher Lāsma Puķina-Slava, Dr.phys.

Topic: Magnetic micro-convection in microfluidics, Advisors: Dr. G.Kitenbergs, Prof. A.Cēbers

Research assistant Māra Šmite, 3rd year doctoral student

Topic: Motility and behavior of magnetic swimmers, Advisors: Dr. G.Kitenbergs, Prof. A.Cēbers

Mārtiņš Klevs, 2nd year MSc student

Topic:  Dynamic mode decomposition for magnetic micro-convection

Chemistry unit

Researcher Oksana Petričenko, Dr.chem.


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A list of the former members of our group can be found in this link.