Experimental Physics

  • Micro Particle Image Velocimetry (Dantec Dynamics) setup for velocity field measurements in micro scale (microscope Leica DMIL), using laser (Dual power 50-50 2x50mJ, 532 nm)
  • Bright field, Fluorescence, Differential interference contrast, Phase contrast video microscopy (Leica DMI3000B) with motorized (ASI MS-2000) and piezo stages (PI E-710).
  • Stereo microscope (Zeiss Stemi 2000-C)
  • Videocameras Andor NEO 5.5, Leica DFC310 FX and Mikrotron MC1363, Luminera Lu165C, Basler ac1920-155um
  • Custom built Optical tweezers
  • Coil setup for 3D rotating and precessing magnetic field configurations, compatible with microscopes
  • Custom made Magnetophoresis setup
  • Microfluidics equipment - chip bonding (Corona SB - Black Hole Lab), pumps (Harvard Aparatus PHD Ultra, KD Scientific Legato 210P)
  • Rheometer (Anton Paar MCR 502) equipped with temperature control, microscope and magneto-rheological device
  • National Instruments DAQ boards (NI PCI-6229 and NI PCI-6289, NI USB-7846R) and frame grabber (NI PCIe-1429) for Fast Cameras
  • Magnetic Transducer (SENIS F3A, sensitivity 2 V/T, range ± 5 T, linear range ± 2 T) with a fully integrated 3 axis Hall Probe (03G02C)
  • Osciloscope, function generator, power supplies (Kepco BOP 20-10M), equipment for creating electronics
  • Laminar airflow cabinet (FlowFAST H)


  • Equipment for magnetic fluid synthesis
  • Ultrasonic bath
  • Fume hood
  • Dynamic Light Scattering (Malvern Nano ZS)
  • Spectrophotometer (SCHOTT Instruments UviLine 9400)

Theoretical Physics and Simulations

  • Simulations in COMSOL, MatLab, python, etc.