Former members

PostDoc in Autumn 2020 Jānis Lazovskis, PhD

Personal web page

Topics: Topological data analysis, stratified spaces, data visualization.

Summer '19 internship student Hamza Safdar from Nigde University in Turkey

Topic: Initial smearing effects on magnetic micro-convection, Advisor: Dr. G.Kitenbergs

Jānis Užulis, MSc student '20

Topic: Dynamics of magnetic particle systems, Advisor: Dr. J.Cīmurs

currently a PhD student
with Dr.A.Guļāns @Univ.Latvia

Andris Potrebko, BSc student '18

Topic: Error analysis of diffusion coefficient in Brownian motion, Advisor: Dr. J.Cīmurs

Paula Beļska, Summer internship (August 2018)

Topic: Magnetic filament formation, Advisor: Dr. G.Kitenbergs

Daniels Krimans, (BSc student '18)

currently at UCLA

Alise Ella Krimane, (BSc student '18)

Topic: Magnetic Drops in a low frequency field, Advisors: Prof. A.Cēbers, Dr. G.Kitenbergs

Adela Mīkstā (BSc student in '17)

Topic: Magnetic microconvection in microfluidics, Advisor: Dr. G.Kitenbergs

Larry Goyeau (internship BSc student from Université Grenoble Alpes in '17)

Topic: Ferromagnetic rod in rotating field Advisor: Prof. A.Cēbers

Andis Draguns, (BSc student '17)

Topic: Chains of magnetic cubes

Advisor: Prof. A.Cēbers

Oskars Sjomkāns

(BSc student '17)

Reinis Taukulis

(PhD student ->'14)

currently at Tieto

Jānis Erdmanis

(MSc student '16)

currently at TU Delft (personal web page)

Senior Researcher Kaspars Ērglis, Dr.phys.

Passed away in '18, donate to

memorial scholarship