We are looking for a PhD student for an upcoming Latvian Council of Science project "Biologically inspired models of active matter driven by electromagnetic field"

Project concerns studying active matter. Active matter is a system where its constituent elements are the energy source. The main objective of this project is to create and develop theoretical models of EM field driven active matter and achieve their quantitative experimental and numerical verification. Various active matter systems of the project include magnetic drops, magnetic filaments [1], ensembles of spinning particles, magnetotactic bacteria [2] and ferrogels. Different configurations of external field allow their manipulation. The project group, consisting of physicists, chemists and mathematicians will study these phenomena both theoretically and experimentally. PhD project will be a part of this research and will be adapted according to the background of the applicant.

The position is planned for a period 01/01/2021-31/12/2023 (with an option to start on 01/10/2020). It has a gross salary 1260 EUR/month, which is higher than the average salary in Latvia.

The candidate should hold a Master degree in Physics or Applied Mathematics, or in similar disciplines. Background in hydrodynamics, electromagnetism, soft matter, numerics or experimental skills will be considered an advantage. Both candidates with theoretical and experimental background are welcome. An interest for interdisciplinary research is important. Fluent in English.

Until July 29, 2020. Send CV, diploma copy, a motivation letter and other relevant information to e-mail: guntars.kitenbergs@lu.lv

More information can be found here.


[1] A. Zaben, et al. Soft Matter, 16, 4477 (2020) link

[2] M. Belovs, et al., Soft Matter, 15, 1627 (2019) link